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This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (July 30)

This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (July 30)

Looming economic trouble, the North Korean threat, a possible Palestinian Intifada and more

Palestinian society is always one minor event away from reigniting a holy war over the al-Aqsa Mosque. In the past couple of weeks, we learned how Muslim leaders lie to aggrandize those events for religious and political gain. The results are always bloody.

Here are five of the most important news stories this week, as well as relevant links to the full articles and videos here on

Palestinians Are Preparing for Another Intifada

Palestinian leaders will use peaceful Israeli efforts to prevent terrorism as justification for a holy war against the Jewish state. That’s what happened when Israel installed metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount complex. This was its response to the July 14 terrorist attack there that killed two Arab Israeli police officers.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told his supporters, “The campaign for Jerusalem has effectively begun and will not stop until a Palestinian victory and the release of the holy sites from Israeli occupation.” At least four Israelis have already been killed by Palestinians in this “holy war.”

Health Care Will Bankrupt America

The Republican Party has spent the last seven years campaigning to repeal Obamacare, but now its efforts to fulfill this promise are failing. If the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act remains the law of the land, it will cause an economic catastrophe of nation-destroying proportions.

Is the Fed Asleep at the Wheel?

The chairman of the United States Federal Reserve said on July 27: “I don’t believe” there will be another financial crisis “in our lifetimes.” Banks across the world disagree. Deutsche Bank cautioned that the Fed’s response to the last crisis “comes with considerable risk.” The Bank of International Settlements warned that the next economic crash may be about to hit “with a vengeance.” The Bank of America said if “banks do not take away the punch bowl, things will get much messier eventually.” Commentators have compared the Federal Reserve chairman to Neville Chamberlain returning from Munich proclaiming “peace in our time.”

America Is Asleep to the Danger of North Korean Nukes

On July 4, North Korea proved that it can fire a missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons at the United States. On Friday, it tested a missile that can reportedly reach Chicago. North Korea’s decade of experience in nuclear tests might soon provide it the capability to build compact nuclear warheads able to be carried by its missiles. Contrary to reports, U.S. defense systems might be incapable of shooting down a missile from a North Korean sneak attack.

Britain: Banning Traditional Family and Erasing Genders

The British government recently intensified its assault against the family . Britain can now ban ads that promote gender roles such as women being solely responsible for household chores. The government may also soon allow people to retroactively change the gender on their birth certificates.

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