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Christian Schools Told to Allow Homosexual Clubs—or Close

Christian Schools Told to Allow Homosexual Clubs—or Close

The homosexual lobby continues to try to force its way into all schools, everywhere.

Two private Christian schools in Alberta, Canada, must set up clubs for homosexuals , the province’s education minister, David Eggen, ruled on March 23.

John Carpay, the lawyer for the two small, rural schools, replied that the schools “would not allow clubs to operate which were not in compliance with their religious beliefs.”

The Independent Baptist Education Society presides over these two Albertan schools. Enticed by promises of funding, the Society has attached itself to the public school system in a limited way. Alberta is now subsidizing the society by 70 percent.

Though these two small, Christian schools have yielded to all the regulations laid upon them in this venture for funding, Eggen now requires that they set up “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs. In reality, they are only required by the School Act to set these clubs up if one or more students ask for them. Eggen, however, is now requiring them, even without any demand from the student body, and threatening to close the schools if they resist.

It is not a “safe” environment for all students, and there is a “hostile” attitude toward lgbtq (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transvestite and queer) people, said Dan Scott, a lawyer sent by Eggen to investigate the schools. The schools were run by “sincere” and loving people, he said, but that it was an unsuitable environment for lgbtqs.

“The comments from the Independent Baptist School were very unacceptable and alarming to many Albertans, so we’ve got to make sure we get this right,” Eggen responded.

Alberta’s insistence on what amounts to pro-homosexual indoctrination in a Christian school is part of a cultural war on traditional morals and family life.

Joel Hilliker writes in our free booklet Redefining Family:

Resistance to homosexuality today is weakest among young people. …

These young people have grown up in a world that increasingly treats homosexuality not just as normal, but as desirable. In addition, homosexual activists have specifically targeted people as young as they possibly can by working to ensure that the homosexual lifestyle is promoted in public schools.

Consider what happened in Britain. In 1988, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher introduced a law banning local councils from using taxpayer money to fund anything that showed homosexual relationships as normal, and which made promoting “the teaching … of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship” illegal in schools. …

In 2003, a mere 15 years after this law was passed, Prime Minister Tony Blair had it repealed. In the years that followed, the British government rewrote public school curricula not only to condone, but even to endorse the homosexual, lesbian, bisexual and transgender lifestyle. And as a further measure of how quickly things change, in 2009, Conservative Party leader David Cameron—Britain’s leading “conservative” politician—went so far as to issue an apology on behalf of his party for ever having passed the legislation in the first place.

But this is not just a British or Canadian phenomenon. It has hit the United States too. Mr. Hilliker continues:

In 2007, the California State Senate voted “in favor of legislation requiring schools to portray homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality as positive choices to children” throughout their K-12 experience. In 2011, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring public schools to teach students about the contributions of “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans” to U.S. history.

That same year, New York City adopted a new sex-education curriculum, mandatory for middle and high school students, that blatantly advocates homosexuality. Its workbooks direct students to an advice website that celebrates numerous aspects of homosexuality, pornography, multiple-partner sex acts and more. On one page, a reader ask how he can know if he is or is not a homosexual; the reply encourages him to “explore” the answer for himself, and says, “The road to inner peace isn’t always easy and smooth, but it is worth the journey. Step into the light.” Another reader with the same question about herself receives this answer: “Your willingness to contemplate and possibly explore your sexual feelings and attractions are key to bringing you satisfaction and peace of mind, both in and out of the bedroom (or living room, or car, or wherever you choose).” How can the site’s readers do this exploring? It includes a directory of websites and groups where they can meet other homosexuals. Textbooks directing students to this website are issued to children as young as 11.

This is taxpayer-funded, public instruction of our children, aimed specifically at ensuring that they are true believers of the homosexual cause, if not participants in that lifestyle.

Now this movement across the world is working to ensure the same indoctrination makes its way into schools usually beyond the government’s reach, such as private or religious schools and even families that homeschool.

In 2012, Alberta passed a law making it illegal for homeschooling parents to teach that the homosexual acts are sinful as part of their academic program—though the act did not go so far as to restrict what could be taught in family life outside of academics.

The ruling involving the two Alberta schools is just the latest in the steady march of initiatives to radically change marriage and family life. For more about what is behind this push, request your free copy of Redefining Family

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