This Week: Five Events You Need to Know (October 6)

10-10-2018  •  Uit deTrompet.nl
A united European army, the rise of fringe parties in Europe, food shortages, and more

Here are five of the most important news stories this week, as well as relevant links to the full articles and videos here on theTrumpet.com.

EU Takes Another Step Toward a Unified Army

Europe is planning to dramatically expand its European Border and Coast Guard force. These plans were revealed by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker during his recent State of the Union address.

This border force will have the authority to conduct identity checks, allow or deny border entry, stamp travel documents, and patrol and intercept illegal border crossings. The force will also have authority to implement the forced return of certain individuals.

The EU claims this force will operate under the command of whichever member state it is located in. Yet at the same time, it says that when the Union’s interests require it, the force can take emergency interventioneven without the approval of the state it is intervening in.

The force is yet another step toward the united European army, which is prophesied in Revelation 17.

Is This the Next Mister Europe?

Jean-Claude Juncker could likely be replaced as European Commission president by Manfred Weber, a German bureaucrat, a Catholic devotee and ardent Brexiteer.

Weber is also a close friend of former German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and European Council President Sebastian Kurz—two of Europe’s most influential personalities.

Together, Weber, Kurz and Guttenberg would be an incredible team of staunch Catholics who could play a crucial role in resurrecting the Holy Roman Empire. That resurrection has already begun, but with Weber at the head of Europe’s most powerful institution, an even stronger revival would begin.

Sweden Struggles to Form Government

Sweden is struggling to form a government a month after inconclusive elections. The populist Sweden Democrats achieved their best-ever results in the September 9 vote, receiving 5 percent more than they did in 2014. The Social Democrats, Sweden’s established center-left party, experienced their worst result since 1911.

The rise of new parties and fringe parties points to a political revolution beginning in Europe, particularly in Italy, Austria and Germany. To understand more about where this political change is leading, read “Sweden Struggles to Form Government” and our free book The Holy Roman Empire in Prophecy.

Angela Merkel’s Whirlwind Summer Holidays

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visits to countries across the Middle East and surrounding areas over the last few months highlight a concerted effort by Germany to forge a crucial new alliance in the region.

Chancellor Merkel recently visited Turkey and Saudi Arabia, significantly improving Germany’s relationship with the two nations. Previously, she visited Azerbaijan, Algeria, Senegal, Ghana and Nigeria.

The common denominator between these countries is that all surround Iran and other hotbeds of radical Islam. Germany is strengthening its influence in these nations to eventually encircle Iran like a whirlwind.

How Secure Are the World’s Food Supplies?

Our future food supply depends on the North African country of Morocco, home to some 75 percent of the world’s known reserves of phosphorus—a key component of the synthetic fertilizers that have greatly expanded the amount of land usable for agriculture over the last century and have quadrupled the productivity of existing agricultural lands.

This means that our future food supply depends on the economic and political stability in Morocco.

The global food supply is far more vulnerable than we would like to think. Thankfully, Bible prophecy offers the surest security from food shortages.

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